The Exetech XS-3 is a standalone Android smartwatch-phone


Exetech Smartwatch-Phone
It seemed so superfluous to have a smartwatch for your phone that would tell you what your phone is up to. One motion of pulling it out of your pocket will do the same thing. However, that’s not to say that bringing back the wristwatch aesthetic isn’t appreciated. Paying several hundred dollars for something that can do just about everything your phone can without actually being a phone seemed a bit off.

The creators of the Exetech XS-3 likely felt the same way. This is a smartwatch that will act just the same as any other phone that runs on Android 4.0. It has a MediaTek dual-core processor, 2GB of internal storage with the option to put in a 32GB microSD card. Of course, you’ll also be able to put in a microSIM card as well.

This can sit on standby of about 18 hours, but with use it will snuff out after about 6-7 and need a recharge. Honestly, it’s not much worse than any other smartphone, but it is annoying to have a wristwatch on that’s not doing anything. It can access Google Play, but not everything will be running in tip-top shape as you’ll be seeing things play out on a 1.54-inch LCD touchscreen display that has 240×240 resolution. There is a 2-megapixel camera on it as well, so you’ll still be able to snap selfies, if not even more discreetly than before. You’ll be able to purchase this for around $481, with color options of white and black.

Available for purchase on Exetech

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