Moto 360 smartwatch announced

moto360Could 2014 be the year of the smartwatch? It very well could be, really, if recent developments are anything to go by. With Google dropping an announcement on their Android Wear platform, here we are with Motorola jumping aboard the smartwatch bandwagon with one of their creations that they have called the Moto 360. The Moto 360 happens to be a timepiece that not only looks good, but it also feels great as it provides you with the kind of information that you need, as and when required.

I suppose you can more or less call the Moto 360 a truly modern timepiece, although it still has a long way to go before it is lumped under the complex timepieces that are created by the likes of Breitling and Rolex. The Moto 360 is designed by Motorola and powered by Android Wear, where it will be able to keep you on time as well as up to date without taking you out of the moment or distracting you. In fact, some might even think of it as sentient to a certain extent, as the Moto 360 is capable of telling you just what you need to know prior to you knowing it yourself via subtle alerts and notifications.

A simple twist of the wrist would allow you to check out just who is the one sending you an email or dropping a phone call, in addition to what time your next meeting at the office is, or to check out a friend’s latest social post. The Moto 360 is also subservient to your voice, where all you need to do is say “Ok Google” and you can fire away questions for it to get stuff done including the likes of scheduling an appointment, sending a text, setting an alarm or taking a note. It remains to be seen just how Motorola will price the Moto 360, but exciting times are ahead of us!

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