FootGolf – Golfing Fun for the Rest of Us


Sure, I’ve played golf. My husband is addicted. I just don’t really see the appeal of standing in a cow pasture, hitting a tiny little white ball with a stick, and trying to get it in a tiny hole. There is something to be said about being out in nature, friendly competition, and a cocktail or three… for me though, golf could definitely be more, well… fun.

Check out FootGolf, now here’s a game I can get behind, similar to golf, the object of the game is the same, to put your ball inside a specially designed series of holes using the fewest number of strokes.  The difference is, instead of swinging a stick at it, you kick the ball around the course, thereby eliminating all that pesky club selecting, and ball whiffing that’s often associated with beginners golf.

FootGolf is a surprisingly well organized upstart.  Founded in 2012,  you will find it has a strongly established ruling body called the FIFG, or Federation for International FootGolf, along with a fairly strict set of rules that any official events will need to follow.  These rules are a revised version of the first FootGolf World Cup Rules that were played in Budapest, Hungary in June of 2012. All of the FIFG Member countries were invited to provide their opinion on the rules of play, and a list of alternative options. The FIFG have even made significant steps in giving FootGolf status as an Olympic sport . Oh yeah, FootGolf is some serious stuff!

As of this writing, the FIFG is represented in 22 countries, each of which are required to host 3 or more tournaments, at a minimum of 2 golf courses within one year. As an example, the United States has 76 FootGolf courses, located in 26 states. Seriously? Where the heck have I been?  Interested? Find some FootGolf near you at, and remember, you heard it here first.