USB Lantern MP3 Player will let you dance the night away

2 color USB lantern mp3 player
Light and sound are largely important in our day-to-day happenings. We use illumination and sound to act as the indicator to the beginning of the day. If there is an apparent lack of one, the other, or both, we can start to feel uneasy. Perhaps that’s why we’re always so interested in new types of stereo systems, or ways to light up our surroundings.

If you are constantly in the pursuit of a new way to add light to your life and make sure that you’re not only hearing white noise, then the USB Lantern MP3 Player will be an excellent addition to your collection. It has a fake tea candle inside of a lantern shape that will act as your source of light. This can put out an orange or white light as you see fit for your situation.

This can read a microSD card, and USB drive directly, or can connect with most devices through a 3.5mm audio plug. This has a built-in rechargeable battery which makes it portable, but it doesn’t state the amount of time it will last on one charge. There are buttons on the front which will allow you to adjust volume, skip through songs, and more. Should you be interested in this music and light source, it will cost you around $35. It would be perfect for aesthetics, and if nothing else would be a great speaker for your phone.

Available for purchase on Brando, found via redferret