Thor’s Lightning Energy Hammer makes for the ideal room decor


lightning-magical-hammerFor those of you who appreciate Marvel’s attempt at bringing their various superhero franchises to the silver screen, we have seen our fair share of heart throbs appear from time to time. I am quite sure that the abs displayed by Chris Hemsworth in the first Thor movie and its subsequent sequel were the clincher in having Natalie Portman’s character fall in love with him. Mjolnir, the magical hammer forged of uru metal and answers only to the Thunder God’s beck and call, is a superior piece of equipment that has saved the day (and universe) many times over, so it is nice to see that a replica of it can be purchased for just $27.99.

Known as the Lightning Energy Hammer, this particular purchase is said to be able to detect iron-containing metal, in the same vein as that of a metal detector, where the hammer will then start to flash with corresponding light and sound effects. It will come with a display base as well as an energy-charging coin, where the entire shebang runs on three AA batteries. Quite the mantlepiece to own, eh?

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