The Slimo iPhone Charging System removes cables from the equation



As much as we’d like to think we always wrap our cables before shoving them in our bag (which is certainly well-organized to begin with), we sometimes forget. Of course, that leads to a tangled mess that doesn’t necessarily take a long time to undo, but is pretty annoying to deal with. Probably because we have to do it multiple times with various charging cables, headphones, and more.

If you’d prefer to start cutting down on the amount of cables you have to keep track of, then the Slimo can help. This is a wireless charging system that plugs into the 8 pin lightning connector on your iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, and iPad or iPod 5th gen. Once it is plugged into your device, simply adhere the super thin Slimo receiver to the back, and use with any QI-marked transmitter. This will streamline the charging process, and save you from having to wrestle with cables.

Getting just the receiver will cost you around $30, and getting a set with both the receiver and a power bank 5000mAh transmitter will cost around $69. You can use a case while charging your iDevice with this, so long as it’s not made of any aluminum or metal. If you already have all the cables and ability to wrap them, then this won’t really be necessary, but those interested know that they’re putting money down for convenience.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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