Transforming Hulk breaks out in a surprise

transforming-hulkHulk is the strongest one there is, and the madder Hulk gets, the stronger he is! Boy, the Jade Giant must be pretty peeved if he were to actually break his way out of this unique battle scene, being a toy for Hulk fans of all ages. All right, for fans of Bruce Banner’s alter ego as long as they are aged 5 or older, no thanks to the numerous small parts and pieces of this toy. The $13.99 Transforming Hulk is a unique toy actually – you basically set up the refillable tank with the city scene and a container that holds a tiny Hulk.

He’s tiny, literally, and as you add some water, Hulk will do what he does best – outgrow everything that he wears except for his extremely stretchable pants, where he will then burst out through the “container” like a Chestburster after two days, growing to a full sized incensed Hulk in five days. It is more or less a slow motion, controlled Hulkout, and when he is done, you can always “reset” the scenario by draining the water out. 5 days, eh? This could start to look like a decent desk calendar of sorts at work.