LuMini set to make a smashing return with revised goals

luminiJust like how one cannot put a good man down, so too, is it difficult to ensure that a device or product that resonates well with the market be kept under wraps for long. It seems that the LuMini is back, and boy, is it ready to rock and roll! TABU Products first introduced the LuMini as a small, colorful and affordable Bluetooth bulb, over on the crowdfunding site known as Kickstarter in February. The LuMini happens to be an LED RGB (Red, Blue and Green) bulb which makes it perfect for mood lighting purposes, being 50% smaller compared to traditional LED bulbs with the ability to fit into most lamps.

In the Kickstarter campaign, it did help TABU Products figure out just what backers wanted exactly, and they decided to make sure that the project is revamped and re-launch the campaign. The first project saw TABU offer a quartet of socket sizes, and it was discovered that most of the Kickstarter pledges that came in happen to concentrate on two types of sockets, the E26 and E27, which tend to be used as standard bulbs in the US and Europe. Through the removal of the least popular two, which are the E12 and E14, TABU managed to reduce their production cost by 50%, which then enabled the company to lower the goal from the $50,000 to $25,000, where pledges will begin at $25.

Tabu will also offer stretch goals for the E12 and E14, just in case there happens to have any demand, so that they will be ready to produce these, too. Using the funds that were raised from the Kickstarter campaign, Tabu will then complete the firmware design and production molding as well as increase Android device compatibility. The LuMini will play nice with all smartphones that rely on Bluetooth Smart. The estimated project delivery date has been set to May this year, which ain’t that far off actually.

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