Amusement Park Ride-On Railroad rolls back the years in your own backyard

amusement-park-railAll right, you might not be as rich as Michael Jackson back in his heydays before his life began to be plagued with numerous issues, financial ones included, but this does not mean that he did not have his fair share of fun when he was still alive. If I am not mistaken, his Neverland Ranch is truly a place of wonder and amazement, especially to the little ones out there. After all, who does not want an amusement park right in his or her very own backyard? You can also own a semblance of that with the $23,000 Amusement Park Ride-On Railroad from Hammacher.

Sure, you would need a pretty large backyard in order to enjoy this particular installation on your home’s grounds, not to mention being rather well off to part with such a sum right from the get go, but then again you do not need to be a multi-millionaire or a megastar in order to do so. The Amusement Park Ride-On Railroad happens to be a 1:8 scale ride-on electric train set which creates a backyard railroad, including the ones inspired by the types found in iconic amusement parks of yesteryear. An adult driver will sit atop the 18″-high tender, where he or she controls the locomotive’s speed, forward/reverse throttle, and regenerative anti-lock brakes with a pair of passengers in the 65″ L x 17″ W gondola car in front of a trailing caboose.