Maven HTPC looks great, performs even better

mavenThe living room is no longer the domain on the TV – never mind if it was during the days where everything was shown in black and white, or when color TV first hit the scene and you had just three or four channels to choose from. In fact, TV shows have received plenty of heated competition from the likes of video game consoles over the years, not to mention this thing that is known as the Internet which has definitely captured the attention of many a person that TV can be forgotten. Apart from game consoles, computers too, have evolved to such a point where they no longer arrive in ugly cases, but rather, look sleek to boot even when placed in your living room so much so that it does not look out of place. Steiger Dynamics knows this, which is why they have come up with the Maven Home Theater PC (HTPC).

The Maven HTPC is an aesthetically pleasing living room device which is capable of just about doing it all, including replacing that Blu-ray player of yours (unless you are one of the many folks who purchased a PS3 as a Blu-ray player primarily, game console next), DVR, Desktop PC, and gaming console. This would certainly make the Maven HTPC a unifying device, offering less headaches with just a single remote control and virtually unlimited functionality.

Maven has been declared to be the world’s most powerful Home Theater PC in its segment, and is already available for order via the website configurator. There are three different lines to choose from, with the Pure line starting at $999, where it caters to the media center, audio and video enthusiasts. As for the Core line, it has been tailored to the hardcore gamer, while the Reference line offers the highest processing and graphics power for the ultimate enthusiast.

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