Atmos subwoofer might be small but packs a mean punch


atmosThey say never to judge a book by its cover, and neither can one tell how much fight there is in a dog. Having said that, the same wisdom, too, ought to apply to subwoofers where a home theater setup is concerned, since they arrive in all sizes, shapes and colors. The folks over at Sunfire have managed to come up with one particular subwoofer to rule them all, so to speak, where it is known as the Atmos. It is an unprecedented moment as there has never been a 1400-Watt subwoofer before that sports a footprint which is smaller than an Xbox 360. This makes it the first time where homeowners and apartment dwellers alike are able to revel in the loudest of the lows as well as enjoy true reproduction of Hollywood explosions, pounding bass lines and kick drum thumps with zero distortion and without sacrificing precious floor space.

The Sunfire Atmos might have a sticker price tag of $2,000 a pop which would make this a rather expensive purchase by most accounts, but you can be more or less sure that this is the only subwoofer in town which will be able to fit into literally any room and deliver the volume output and theater-quality bass that is normally found in subwoofers that are more than double its the size, and with that, twice the price. That alone ought to make for a pretty compelling argument for its purchase, don’t you think so?

The Atmos’ design will boast of dual custom-designed 6.5” woofers in a sealed, extruded aluminum enclosure which measures just slightly more than 8” in height. Despite that, it tips the scales at a hefty 40 pounds, being testament to the build of the sub that makes use of the best magnets and metals. The drivers themselves are capable of massive excursion (movement) of up to 1.8”, allowing the Atmos to deliver extraordinarily refined yet dynamic bass. A seventh generation cool-running 1400W amplifier that features Sunfire’s exclusive Tracking Downconverter technology offers the voltage and current required to create the driving force that will meet this new standard. All in all, the Atmos subwoofer seems to be worth every single penny that you fork out for it.

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