Authentic Barbershop Vibration Massager can now be used at home


vibration-massagerWhat has been deemed to be a relic of the past could actually end up being something that you can purchase online for use in the comfort of your home. I am referring to the $169.95 Authentic Barbershop Vibration Massager, which so happens to be a similar commercial massager that has been used by the neighborhood barber in order to finish up a grooming ritual of an era that has long passed us by.

The Authentic Barbershop Vibration Massager happens to be a handheld device that intends to recreate the classic barbershop experience, where after shaving and getting your hair cut, there is an invigorating massage which is more often than not vigorously performed to the scalp, neck, and shoulders. You will wear this particular device on the back of your hand, where the single-speed massager’s powerful 15-watt motor will rotate half a dozen ball bearings laterally and vertically, resulting in generating thousands of vibrations per minute which are then transmitted through the hand. You can control the intensity of the massage via applying the adequate amount of pressure according to your pleasure. You can either massage yourself with the Authentic Barbershop Vibration Massager, or share the joy with a partner – its your call.

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