Pono Music puts the soul back to your tunes


Listening to music can improve your day, make you nostalgic, inspire you, and much more. However, the quality of the sound when a musician is in the recording booth is lost somewhat in the transition to MP3 or onto a CD. While making a single song takes a lot of effort, you can imagine how infuriating it would be for the artists when every subtle nuance or echo wasn’t properly heard because of poor resolution. How much more would a song affect you if you could hear the whole thing as it was intended?

While you could listen to records, you can’t exactly take that with you from place to place very easily. The PonoPlayer was developed to bridge this gap, and return your music to what it was supposed to be. It corresponds with an app called PonoMusic, that you don’t necessarily have to purchase music from. The big difference being that these music files (FLAC to be specific) have about six times more musical information than a typical MP3.

These are very easy to navigate with a touchscreen, as well as power, and volume buttons. There are two output jacks. One is for headphones, and the other will let you connect this to a stereo in your home or car. It can’t be connected to your phone so there will be no interruptions to your music unless you want there to be. It is a bit chunky in build, but that’s so it can stand on its own or sit flat on any surface. This will cost you around $300, which is much cheaper than the $399 retail price it will hit once it’s no longer in a crowdfunding phase.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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HiHat Says: March 15, 2014 at 11:26 am

I would attribute the lack of soul in today’s music to today’s music business rather than any shortcomings in the methods of music reproduction. There’s no lack of soul in my Beatles or Otis Redding mp3’s, to be sure! Still, I’m sure that the same privileged saps that spend tens of thousands on vinyl and tube amps in search of “warm sound” will fall for this dopey device as well.

FFBookman Says: March 20, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Actually, there is an obvious lack of “soul” in a Beatles or Otis Redding mp3 when compared to a high definition version of the same thing.

Familiarity is not the full listening experience. Those are genius artists that will make you “feel good” playing from a paper cup.

This is like thinking instant coffee is amazing for 10 years and then drinking the real thing. Your entire body will react differently.

Don’t give up your classic mp3’s, just don’t buy anymore! CD’s were a compromise in audio depth in 1978, and mp3’s were developed for dial-up modems.

We have progressed past 16/44 and Pono’s early success should show that people that really love and listen to good music will pay a little more for their medicine.

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