The Nomad FLeX – Bringing your Art to the Digital Canvas.



I always wanted to be artist. I pictured myself in a studio, complete with half finished artwork everywhere. I can’t say I was terribly artistic, but sometimes that can be developed with practice. What I can say is practice was very expensive, paints and canvases were pretty costly, especially when you knew that whatever project you were going to turn out was unlikely to be a masterpiece.

Now, you can set your inner Picasso free, with the Nomad FLeX. Even artwork has gone high-tech and you can get the tools you need to create on a digital canvas.  The Nomad Flex paintbrush stylus is designed especially for touch screens and it features a new, highly flexible, all-synthetic brush tip, which will translate to real time strokes on your chosen digital device. Each one of the brushes is highly conductive and will glide effortlessly across almost any touchscreen device.

The Nomad Flex is the ideal accessory for the artist in you, for use with a wide variety of touch-enabled computers or tablet devices, including new Windows 8 devices, or your iPad, iPhone 5 and Microsoft’s Surface tablet. The body of the Nomad Flex is made of precision-milled aluminum and comes in your choice of five unique colors: charcoal, silver, cobalt blue, red and pink. So whether you’re really an artist, or your just a daydreaming doodler, The Nomad Flex might be for you. Get one at for under 30 bucks.

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