National Parks Viewing Scope lets you see far and clear


national-parks-viewing-scopeEach time you end up at a picturesque scene or place, I am quite sure there will be one of those telescopic mounts available, where dropping a dollar (or less) would allow you to breathe in all of the breathtaking beauty around. If this is a practice of yours whenever you go to far off and exotic lands, then you might also be well off enough to own a bungalow on a hill that has a vista which is absolutely stunning. Now, if only you had some sort of telescopic thingamajic in the vicinity. Hammacher ensures that dream can come true right in your very own backyard with the $4,000 National Parks Viewing Scope.

The National Parks Viewing Scope happens to be a stationary viewfinder from the same company that churns out coin-operated binocular scopes that are found at national parks, boardwalks, and scenic overlooks. The waterproof optics will feature a 60mm object lens that delivers 20X magnification alongside a fully reciprocating focus as well as a field of view of 110 feet at 1,000 yards, making it ideal to observe a city from a high-rise balcony or a passing dolphin pod from the deck of a beach house. The eyepiece itself will sit five feet above the base, and there is also a built-in, one-foot standing ring that enables shorter viewers the chance to join the observation. Money might not be able to buy you happiness, but it can get you a view unlike any other.

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