Business card has built-in Tetris game

arduboyThey say that you never get a second chance at making a first impression, so when it comes to meeting up with some of your business associates for the first time, it might be prudent to have a really great looking business card to go alongside your winsome personality, so that they will have you in mind the next time they want to close a deal. Plain cards are simply boring, so why not make a statement with an interactive business card? This is what Bateske Design had set out to do, and the result of their work happens to be the Arduboy digital business card.

In essence, this is a small Arduino-based card which would enable ordinary folks to enjoy a game of Tetris on it. It is truly a testament to the wonders of miniaturization in the world of engineering where an OLED screen, capacitive D-pad, A/B buttons, and a piezo speaker has been crammed into a card no thicker than 1.6mm. Bateske Design is said to be working on a Kickstarter campaign soon for such interactive card, but the cost of one of these cards will not be affordable. It costs approximately $30 for a DIY kit, $50 for assembled cards, and $100 for those that will feature custom artwork.