The Portable Door Jammer – the only monsters you need to worry about will be under your bed


portable door jammer
It’s difficult to fall asleep in a hotel or at a friends house because you’re not in your own bed. Nothing is familiar, and while you might be safe, there’s always the fear that something could go awry. If you’re more of the cautionary type who wants to make sure nothing has the chance to go wrong, then you might want to bring along a few extra things to give yourself the feeling of protection while traveling.

One item that might be useful for this is The Portable Door-Jammer. This will allow you to either make sure a door stays open, or closed completely. This looks quite similar to a table clamp, and works in the same way. Screw it to tighten its grip so that it won’t budge, and unscrew to free whatever you are holding in place.

This should work with just about any kind of door, but as always, there are some conditions. If the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor are too far apart or too close together, then it’s likely not going to work. This is somewhat heavy nearing a pound, so for those of you backpacking, this might be a deal-breaker. While it is an excellent idea that won’t break the bank at only $30, you’ll still likely want a little more protection. Getting a motion sensor alarm or leaning a chair against the door might be enough of a deterrent for a petty thief or your mental space to find peace enough for you to sleep.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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