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I used to laugh at the commercials for the emergency alert necklaces for seniors. Remember them? “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” But now, I realize those devices, serve a purpose, especially for older people that live alone. I also am starting to see that caring for a parent, or any loved one that lives alone, can be very stressful. Did they take their medicine? Did they eat? Is there a device that can answer questions like that, without me having to call on the phone, nagging all the time?

There is now. Check out Live!y, an unobtrusive sensor system, that gives you a way to monitor an older loved one’s living patterns, and get valuable insight about whether or not help may be needed. Live!y can tell you if mom is taking her medication on time? Eating regularly? or even getting out and taking her daily walk. When something is not right, Live!y will make sure you know it. All this, while allowing mom, or dad, their independence.

The small Live!y sensors are place on objects in the home: like a pillbox, the fridge, and the keys, and the Live!y Hub captures activity signals from these sensors via a built-in cellular connection (no internet required) it then sends you an easy to read activity report to your smartphone or computer, all without you having to call mom for the 50th time, making her feel like you’re checking up on her, yet again.

To round out the family loop, Live!y let’s you provide this info to anyone you want, and let’s users upload special messages and pictures to a unique website that will then print out, and snail mail, a bi-weekly Live!yGram mailer, so mom knows what everyone else has been up to, no Facebook required. Live!y is only 149 bucks, and come with 2 months of free service, after that it’s 19.95 a month. A small price to pay for piece of mind. Available at

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