The Skirmos adds some video game realism to laser tag


Laser tag is a game of skill and excitement. The objectives are simple, and it’s a great way to exercise because your threat of losing is always dependent on how much you’re paying attention. While this is fun and thrilling, it can get a bit ‘old’ as the rules don’t really change, and the only two elements that can be changed are your opponents and the setting.

In a first person shooter video game, there are objectives, accomplishments, health bars, and experience points to keep track of. Can you imagine playing a round of laser tag where all of these things were included? Wonder no more, for the Skirmos is all that and a bag of chips. This is an open source laser tag gun that will allow you to choose what kind of game you play, with special effects and timers to boot.

You can make your gun sound like the ones that a Stormtrooper would carry, but be warned that your accuracy may decrease. There are shields, flags to capture, territories, and more that you can choose from for whatever kind of game you want to play. While it will only cost around $115 for a gun, you’ll likely want to get two of them at $215 so you have the option to play with someone else. This is completely see-through, which means it won’t ever be mistaken as anything other than a laser tag gun, and has a built-in LCD display so you can see when flags have been captured, keep track of the game timer, or if your team has won.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter