Libratone 360 Scandinavian intends to liberate audio


libratone-360-scandinavianWhen it comes to audio quality, the saying “different strokes for different folks” apply here, as you know that there are way too many different audio offerings in the market out there for the masses. With so many brand names around, which one do you pick to adorn the hallowed halls of your room? Libratone has stepped in yet again with the Libratone 360 Scandinavian, where these versatile Libratone speakers have been specially designed to look the part in any room, regardless of the angle. At first glance, you would know that this is truly different from all the other conventional speakers out there that tend to have a masculine appeal. The Libratone speakers take on a unisex tone, where all models (such as the Live, Lounge, Loop and Zipp) will feature Italian wool covers in a wide range of colors that can easily be changed to suit individual tastes or home décor.

Italian wool happens to be part of an iconic part of Libratone’s trademark design, and hence it is no surprise to be chosen for its acoustic transmission qualities, which will further compliment the FullRoom technology that is located within every speaker. Thanks to Libratone’s patented FullRoom technology, one would be able to enjoy a true blue 360° sound experience, which will be different from those of conventional speakers that have a ‘sweet spot’ directly in front of the speaker.

Working in a similar manner to that of an acoustic instrument, FullRoom technology would be able to disperse sound in all directions for an unrivalled experience. Scandinavians, after all, have long believed that a piece of electronic equipment ought to have more to play in its role than just emit incredible audio. Apart from that, it ought to also be able to carry its own weight in a large room, while looking good when it is doing so. Any takers?

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