Flatulence Underwear helps keep the air smelling just fine


flatulence-underwearThose who live all by themselves have only one particular person to please, and that person would obviously be me, myself and I. After all, there is no need to actually pick up after your socks, or to put up the toilet seat, or perhaps to hang all of your laundry with color coded hangers. No sir, it is all about making yourself happy, and you can fart all that you like without a care in the world. However, when you are actually seeing someone else, it might be a challenge to hold that fart in after letting it loose at your whim and fancy for so long. This is where the £24.99 Flatulence Underwear comes in handy.

The Flatulence Underwear would arrive in various sizes for both the ladies and men, which is not a strange idea at all since both genders do fart from time to time. It works this way – the Flatulence Underwear would absorb and neutralize the unwanted trouser fumes, which means you no longer need to clench and hold in that uncomfortable trapped wind. It makes use of similar technology that is found in chemical warfare suits, where it has the touted ability to stop smells that are 200x stronger compared to the average fart. I suppose this comes in handy when you’re trapped in an elevator and need to let one rip – silently, of course.

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