Instant Post Photo Booth is a luxury few can afford


instant-photo-boothI am not quite sure about you, but how many times in your life can you remember heading off to the nearest photo booth because you needed a portrait snapshot of yourself, pronto? Perhaps it would be for a visa application, or your passport or driving license needs to be renewed, but either way, a photo booth is not something that everyone has in the comfort of their own home. Well, as they say, where there is a will, there is a way, and surely the folks over at Hammacher have managed to “will” a $12,000 Instant Post Photo Booth into reality.

The Instant Post Photo Booth will not only be able to deliver classic prints as and when required, but it is also capable of posting up photos on social network Facebook as well as Twitter, thanks to the integrated Windows-powered computer and router within which enables Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, an Ethernet cable, or 4G/3G broadband. Basically, whatever photos that you snap will be posted instantly to social media websites, or to have it sent to one’s email. There is also a touchscreen LCD display within that enables photo subjects to select color or black-and-white images and to pick from whimsical borders and backgrounds such as a classic Western “Wanted” sign or a paparazzi motif.

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