The LifeProof fre – Military Grade Protection, Now for iPad Air



Yes, I let my 10 year old use my electronics, I’m not saying it’s done without fear. I try to instill upon her a healthy respect for my “stuff”. I like it to come back to me in relatively the same way she borrowed it, charged, scratch and dent free… so far we’re at about 98%, and to be fair, it might have actually been the gremlin that left my iPad on the picnic table in the rain…

You know what helps quell some of the fear? LifeProof fre cases, their high quality smartphone and tablet cases help you get the most out of your electronics, with a hefty dose of confidence, and the freedom to take your iPhones and  iPads anywhere you want to go. (or even *gasp* to let your kids use them) New to LifeProof’s line is the fre case for your iPad Air.  Imagine an iPad that’s waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof!

The LifeProof fre will let you, and your iPad or iPhone, plunge underwater, walk in the rain, hit the slopes, or the beach without worrying. The LifeProof fre case won’t interfere with the device’s sound output or touch screen clarity and, the LifeProof fre actually protects your iDevice in water up to 6.6 ft. for up to an hour, and from drops more than 4 ft.

So if a case built to military standards for shock and impact protection in a sleek design is what you need to protect your iPads and iPhones from the world, and your kids, you should get one over at and remember to check out the new fre case for your iPad Air. Prices starting at under 80 bucks.

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