The Ring is a wearable input device that makes a fashion statement

It’s funny how many little things seem to take up so much time. We used to live life without the constant hum of gadgets and technology around us, but now we can’t picture life without it. One of the greatest tasks we now face is trying to cut down the time we have to spend doing this and that tiny chore.

If you like moving as close to the speed of light as possible, then you’re likely looking for ways to cut down on precious seconds in every action of your day-to-day life. The Ring is an input device that will let you send texts, control appliances at home, or pay your bills with a flick of your finger. It uses gesture control function which will allow you to doodle in the air, and get the result of turning on or off things like the TV or a lamp.

If you want to send a text, there’s a specific font you can air-draw, and it will be put into word form on your phone. Should you be the type who likes to know the second you’ve received a mention on Twitter, a text, or email, then you’ll be happy to know that this has LED and vibration alerts to make you aware when something is afoot.  This will cost you anywhere from $165-185, and comes with a battery stand for recharging purposes. The Ring can be charged 1000 times, and each charge will give you about 1000 gestures. It’s not waterproof, so try to remember to take it off when washing your hands, or be mindful should you be out in the rain.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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