Rechargeable Light makes good use of your old glass bottles


bottle-lightRecycling has been quite the major theme for the past few years regardless of which particular country that you live in, and for good reason, too. After all, we are running out of non-renewable resources fast, and recycling is one way of maximizing the use of what we already have at the moment. Those old glass bottles that you have always wanted to do something with, but never really got around doing it? You can now put them to good use with the £10.00 Rechargeable Light.

Yes sir, the Rechargeable Light will be able to transform just about any old and unwanted glass bottle into a lamp, which could also prove to be romantic in nature. Specially shaped to resemble that of a cork, there is an extremely bright LED which will recharge itself via USB. You can use vintage drinks bottles to churn out interesting looking lights, or even create your very own cozy and improvised table feature. Heck, the Rechargeable Light would also be useful when outdoors, since candles stuck in an old wine bottle can get blown out by the wind. A 1 hour charge time would result in up to 2.5 hours of lighted time.

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