JoyBoat is a yacht that you can control with a joystick

Life would be so much easier if it worked the same way as a video game. There would be multiple lives, updates or rewards when you complete ‘missions’ such as going to work or doing chores, and if you didn’t like how a day played out, you could restart and have a do-over. While there are ways to make aspects of life seem more fun such as apps like Zombies, Run, we can’t really be immersed in a game-world (well, not for a while anyway).

If you wish at least some aspect of your life could be more video-game-esque and also happen to be in the market for a yacht, then have I got a treat for you! The JoyBoat runs off of two electric engines which will help it to be quiet and relaxing. However, the most exciting aspect is that the whole thing is steered by a joystick!

As the engines are powered by electricity, you will need to recharge them every now and again. On one charge, you can have it running for around 8 hours. You’ll be able to see your current course and speed on a 7” touch-screen(or optional 10”) display. This will cost you around $9,400, and comes with a set of rails, a swim ladder, and a canopy cover for when the sun is a bit overbearing. At one time, you’ll be able to have up to six people on-board. This would certainly be a wonderful way to spend a sunny day, but it would also be a very expensive one.

Available for purchase on sky-yacht, found on thisiswhyimbroke