Pizza Hut interactive table makes ordering pizza fun


Normally, what are the steps that one takes when you decide to order a pizza simply because you do not want to brave the massive traffic gridlock at rush hour, not to mention there are other things that you could do with the amount of time saved? Why, it could be as simple as picking up the phone and giving the nearest pizza parlor a call, or you could also head online and make an order with your existing account. The folks over at Pizza Hut intend to spruce things up a whole lot more by introducing what could very well be the future of pizza ordering. Just take a look at the YouTube video above and you will know what I mean – customers who are seated at their respective tables will be able to place an order of the pizza that they like accordingly, where the order would be sent straight to the kitchen to join the order queue.

I guess this is good in a way where you can spend your time concocting the various kinds of toppings that you would like to have without having the waiter or waitress stand patiently at your table due to one’s indecision. Alternatively, it eliminates the need for waiters or waitresses to a certain extent, although floor service would still be very much in demand at any decent restaurant.

The special interactive table with its app was specially developed by Pizza Hut and digital partner Chaotic Moon, where it redefines the in-store ordering experience through the inclusion of a fun element of collaboration for groups. Basically, everyone who is at the table are able to explore the menu and make a contribution to the order from wherever they’re sitting. There will be step-by-step visuals that guide the selection process, ensuring that the ordering process is not only efficient but extremely personalized, too. Table side payment is enabled, while cool gaming Apps let you kill time while you wait.

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Ed Says: May 8, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Do you know how many closed minded, anti-technology fools there are who would refuse to, or be too stupid to use this?

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