Sonic Foamer, Beer Foamer adds some life to your party


sonic-foamerFor those of you out there who love nothing better than to head down to the nearest watering hole right after your work, you might be interested to know that crafting your own brew could be an exciting journey by itself. After all, the end result will taste drastically different from what you are used to, either from the bottle or from the tap. Well, with the $40.99 Sonic Foamer, Beer Foamer device, this is the ideal drinker’s gadget that will re-energize your glass of beer quietly without much fanfare.

Heck, it is more than capable of transforming a half full glass into one that is as foamy as a freshly poured glass right from tap. All you need to do is to place the glass of beer on the Sonic Foamer, Beer Foamer, and press the button. Doing so will see the Sonic energy stir up a foam sensation right from the depths of the glass as if it were magic. I suppose there is no need to leave the house for the local pub if such a device mesmerizes you, but it would be the company down at the pub that draws you back over and over again, right? Powered by half a dozen AA batteries, you might want to settle for a bunch of rechargeables instead.

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