The Pencil Stylus will let you create and destroy


Pencil Stylus
Using a stylus for most of us is usually just a means to navigate our screen without our fingers getting in the way. However, many people use them as a creative medium. This can be used for designing outfits, building plans, or just jotting down some ideas in your own handwriting. It gives you the feel of using an old-fashioned writing implement (do pens and pencils count as archaic now?), and more.

This isn’t your average stylus, as it also has an eraser tip. It will only recognize the back end of the Pencil as an eraser, so you only need to flip it over to etch away your mistakes, like you would with a graphite pencil for paper. One of the big annoyances with working on a touchscreen surface is that your hand will tend to rest on the screen, making unwanted marks. When you’re using this stylus, it will recognize and reject your palm as a means of interaction with the screen.

If you’re working in colors or full drawings rather than sketching, you can use the aPencil for precise lines, and your finger for smudging. You will need to charge this Bluetooth device, and with ‘normal’ use (whatever that means), you shouldn’t need to charge it for a month. Thankfully, it only takes about 90 minutes to be juiced up again. It does need to be used on an iPad with a Retina Display or iPad Mini for full support of features, so apologies to the rest of the tablet world. This will cost you anywhere from $50-60 depending on whether you would like a wooden body or black aluminum.

Available for purchase on fiftythree, found via redferret

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