Rapoo T120P Wireless Touch Mouse offers a hassle free user experience

rapoo-t120pI am quite sure that most of us hardly use a wired mouse anymore these days. After all, just about all mice come in the wireless format. Even in the gaming industry, plenty of new generation gaming mice arrive sans wires, although there will be some who swear by a wired gaming mouse simply because there is a guarantee that there will be no dropped connections along the way, not to mention minimizing any kind of latency issues. Rapoo has just announced their ergonomic T120P Wireless Touch Mouse, making it the ideal mobile accessory for laptop users.

This will be a Windows 8 compatible mouse that will feature an ambidextrous design, where it will be powered by a reliable 5GHz wireless connection that delivers a smooth and interference-free mobile experience. I don’t suppose it will be of much use when it comes to gaming, but for regular office work, it ought to function just nice.

Apart from that, there will also be the Smart Touch Zone technology found on the Rapoo T120P Wireless Touch Mouse, which happens to be an intelligent 4D touch wheel that has an interactive vibrating feedback which will do its part to deliver easy navigation, doing away with the need for a traditional mechanical scroll wheel. If you have a particularly long spreadsheet to go through, then the T120P will fit the bill perfectly, as it boasts of fast-scrolling capability, where a single swipe of your finger over the touch zone, users are able to scroll through long documents, excel files and web pages in a snap.

Apart from that, the Rapoo T120P will also boast of a stylish design which will combine smooth lines, a clear touch surface and seamless integration of left and right keys. The mouse itself will also feature a plug-and-forget nano receiver that is so tiny and unobtrusive, you can opt to leave it plugged into your USB port without having to remove it. Choose from yellow, white, red, green or black colors for $34.99 a pop.

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