Baltic Billiards PRONTO Convertible Pool Table – Let’s Eat and Play Pool!



Ah the dining room, so many people have one, but how many of us actually use the room in the manner it was intended? My table sits alone, unused in favor of the kitchen, where we often eat our meals at the counter. Uncivilized as it is, I wish there was something else I could do with the dusty dining room…

Check out Baltic Billiards PRONTO Convertible Pool Table, it’s a rather standard dining table that’s hiding a full pool table underneath. The PRONTO Pool Table’s unique design, features a pool table hidden within a stylish dining table. All you need do is take the table top off, push it into a specially-designed storage space underneath, and enjoy playing pool on a professional height, modern pool table. The PRONTO table offers all the strength and stability required to carry a top quality slate playing surface. None of your dinner guests would imagine that underneath your brilliant table settings, is an awesome slate pool table, with all its accessories.

The table is 6 feet long, and weighs in at about 500 pounds, but it is certain to make much better use of your dining room, and still leave a goodly supply of snacks, and frosty beverages right around the corner, in your kitchen. The PRONTO Convertible Table sits at about 30 inches tall, and will certainly accommodate most standard dining chairs. So whats left to say? Just take away the dishes, and rack em! Available at for under 4ooo bucks. So who’s going to break?

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