The Best Electric Power Washer will clean away those dreary winter reminders


The Best Electric Power Washer
In a town where there is snow and ice in abundance, there is also a large quantity of salt on everything. It gets on cars, shoes, and anything that is near the road. So very soon, the time for spring cleaning will be near, and we will all want to remove any traces that winter may have left behind.

If you want to take on the warmer months with a clean house inside and out, then you’re going to need more than regular cleaning supplies. Lots of things are readily available to take care of indoor chores, but when it comes to the exterior, things are a far more difficult. You’re going to need a power washer, and if you’d prefer not to keep renting one over and over, then the Best Electric Power Washer may do you some good. This can take grime off of siding, and paint off of a cement block.

It has an 1800-watt motor that can pump out 1 and ¾ gallons per minute. This will be far faster and more efficient than a regular garden hose. There are two removable tanks that will let you use different cleaning agents, or rapid fire clean. There is a 20 foot long hose that has a space to be neatly coiled on the power washer, and the wand is 34”. The power cord is 35 feet so you’ll have plenty of give to get around the house. This will cost you around $200, and is likely to be cheaper than renting every Spring.

Available for purchase on Hammacher

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