Clap-On Alarm Clock showcases your inner Houdini

clap-on-alarmDon’t you wish that you had magical powers to exhibit and impress those who decide to pay your home a visit? Sure, you might not be a new tycoon who has just cashed out big time because Google or Facebook decided to buy your company and intellectual property for a few billion dollars, so you lack the financial resources to model your home after a high tech space installation that is really “smart” in a sense, such as voice controlled temperature and the like. Perhaps something more basic and of course, affordable, might be right up your alley – like the €37.79 Clap-On Alarm Clock.

No matter how much you have partied the night before, there is still an office to go to the next morning, not to mention plenty of work to finish up. Hence, the assistance of an alarm clock can never be understated, but with bother with the traditional alarm clock when you can let the wonders of clapping do the job for you? The Clap-On Alarm Clock will feature a red LED panel that will reveal itself only when you clap. Sporting 12 as well as 24 hour formats, the cube clock sports a chic wood veneer which would perfectly complement any interior. It might just impress your date, too.