Screw Grabber kisses goodbye to lost screws

screw-grabberI am quite sure that every single house needs a handyman around, even better when that person happens to live under the same roof as you. After all, calling a plumber to fix a leak could prove expensive in the long run, so why not ensure that someone living in the same house as you has the necessary DIY skills to perform all the little touch ups? Well, here is a Kickstarter project that might pique your interest – never mind the lack of skill, having the right tools are also essential in getting the task done in the first place. The Screw Grabber is a solution to the non-magnetic screw problem, where you need not worry about a dropped screw – ever again.

The Screw Grabber will arrive with a transparent rubber sleeve which will slide onto screwdrivers so that it can hold a range of screw sizes to the end of a screwdriver. The ribbed head interior ensures that screws remain nice and straight, while the interior taper would adjust itself for a wide range of screw head sizes. Since the ribbed shaft interior was specially designed to come into constant contact with the drivers shank, there are 4 points of contact which enable for a wider range of shank diameters, all the while reducing friction whenever one slides the grabber up or down the shank. Right now, the funding goal has yet to be met, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it does!

Kickstarter Page

3 thoughts on “Screw Grabber kisses goodbye to lost screws”

  1. Hi ninja,

    Please check out the Kickstarter page at The Screw Grabber is specifically for non-magnetic screws, like brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and those “mystery metal” screws that come in flat-pack furniture kits.

  2. Magnetic screwdrivers don’t work on screws made of non-magnetic materials like stainless and brass. There are a ton of things that use stainless hardware….like everything on a boat.

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