Panasonic Platinum Power batteries introduced

panasonic-platinum-cellsWhen it comes to the numerous remote controls as well as children’s toys around the home, many of them tend to rely on the classic AA and AAA batteries. In fact, what were some of your favorite toys that ran on AA batteries? Mine was the Nintendo Game Boy, where its monochrome glory certainly helped me go through mountains of AA batteries over the years. It was a huge relief then, to see Nintendo slim down the Game Boy in addition to lowering the number of batteries required for it to run by half. Having said that, here we are today with Panasonic announcing the introduction of their AA and AAA Platinum Power batteries.

These alkaline battery cells are capable of protecting power for up to 10 years, as they boast of enhanced storage capabilities in addition to safe, stable power features. The all new Platinum Power AA and AAA battery cells were specially designed for high drain devices that have greater power consumption, where among them include radio controlled toys and game controllers. Not only that, you can also opt to make use of Platinum Power batteries in everyday medium and low drain devices such as flashlights, remote controls and thousands of other products, without worrying about them running out of juice anytime soon.

I personally stick to using Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries, and my first set that was purchased more than half a dozen years ago still operate just fine until today. I suppose rechargeables could be the way to go if you want to go green, but if you need long running power on the spot without having to go through the hassles of recharging and its pesky wait time, then the Panasonic Platinum Power batteries would fit the bill perfectly. It comes packaged in standard four and eight pack sizes, in addition to a wide variety of multi-packs with up to 24 cells or more. The asking price for the four pack AA size will cost $3.99 a pop.

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