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Razer Blade Gets Limited Edition Koenigsegg Model


Razer, one of the foremost names when it comes to gaming peripherals as well as in recent times, gaming machines, has just teamed up with Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg in order to roll out a bunch of Koenigsegg limited edition Razer Blade laptops. The thing about these limited edition laptops is, you are unable to purchase it from any walk-in retail store even if you happen to have more than enough money to spare. Both companies that have come together decided on this plan to inaugurate the relationship by introducing a limited edition of custom not-for-sale Blade laptops, where only a lucky few Koenigsegg owners and Razer fans will be able to have the privilege of using.

 I suppose that the main changes introduced in this limited edition Razer Blade gaming laptop would be cosmetic in nature, as this lean and mean gaming machine will continue to retain its form factor (an ultra thin chassis, mind you) in addition to power underneath the hood. The chassis itself is said to be CNC machined and appointed with unmistakable Koenigsegg cachet.

While it would be rather strange for a gaming laptop to be introduced at a motor show, this is exactly what is going to happen later next month. The Koenigsegg Razer Blade is tipped to be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2014, where it will be on parade to the masses there, and only a selected few will be able to drive virtual Agera R´s in the best setting possible.

Just how will this collaboration pan out in the future? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling deep down inside that this will not be the last device that both of them will work together on, so let us keep our fingers crossed that we will see more exciting projects being worked upon in due time.

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