Omnidirectional Thigh Trainer helps you get the body that you want


omnidirectional-thigh-trainerI am pretty sure by now that many people would have gotten sick and tired of attempting to lose weight and yet not proving themselves to be successful in doing so. In fact, you might even have decided to drown your sorrows by gorging yourself with even more food. This could prove to be quite the fatalistic attitude, as it always pays never to lose hope. The $249.95 Omnidirectional Thigh Trainer might just be the last resort for folks who want to make sure that their thighs are in the best shape possible.

In fact, the Omnidirectional Thigh Trainer from Hammacher prides itself in being the only trainer in the world that will be able to tone and strengthen a pair of thighs using a quartet of distinct motions. It is capable of delivering a superior cardiovascular workout without ending up with the jarring impact of typical trainers, where this is made possible thanks to the free-floating foot pedals that will suspend your legs and feet in the air as you move. Not only that, lateral side-to-side movement will target the inner and outer thighs in the same way as that of dedicated abduction/adduction machines, whereas the forward/backward scissor movement will ensure that your glutes, quadriceps, and calves will get the workout they need.

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