The Lock N’ Load Gun Alarm Clock – catch the morning off guard


Gun Alarm Clock
Most days it’s pretty difficult to pry yourself from bed. It’s so warm, soft, and inviting, which is a stark contrast to what everything else about morning is like. Alarms blare at you to open your eyes and move to action, but it’s too easy to hit a button and go back to dreamland.

If you want more of a reason to spring from your bed in the mornings, then the Lock N’ Load Gun Alarm Clock can help with that. This is a digital clock that has a target with a red-lit center point that will spring up as soon as the alarm goes off. It will be your task to find the gun that comes with it, and hit the center to shut it off. While this seems like it would more like give you a heart attack than anything, it will help with your aim and reaction timing.

There are several different game modes which can help you to change things up every now and again. You’ll have options such as Quick Shot, in which you’ll need to pull off five perfect shots within three minutes, Time Mode where your challenge will be to see how quickly you wake up in the mornings, and a regular pop-up and shoot. This will cost around $24 should you be interested in making waking up more of a challenge rather than a passive situation. You could also move the gun and alarm clock the night before to make sure you’re not waking up and aiming at the same place everyday.  However, you’ll need to be prepared for the times where you want to shoot this thing off of the dresser, with a gun that didn’t come with the clock.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via Redferret

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