The HealthSmart LumaTemp makes sure your shower won’t surprise you in the morning


While no one likes to be caught off guard, we’re normally not in a fully cognitive state within the first hour of waking up. That’s why we often burn toast, make coffee without the grounds, and forget where we put our keys, even though we put them in a designated place just the night before. One of the major things that is very unpleasant to greet the morning with is stepping into a cold shower.

Even though you’ve let the water run for 30 seconds, the temperature is often iffy. One nudge too far to the right or left and you’re either a Popsicle or need to go the the ER for third degree burns. If you would rather have someone else ‘check’ the temperature for you before you step in, then the HealthSmart Lumatemp LED shower head could be of use. This will not only give you detachable shower head, but will also tell you what temperature range your water is in when it’s on.

The Blue LEDs will indicate cool, less than 89.6, while green shows warm around 91.4°F to 105.8, and red means hot with a range of 107.6 to 113. Instead of guessing what the temperature will be, you’ll have an approximate answer just by looking. While this is actually meant for those who have little feeling in regards to temperature and are afraid of burning themselves, it’s also an easy fix for making sure you don’t step into freezing water again. This has a 5 foot flexible hose, and will cost you around $30 should this be a frequent enough problem that you need a way to solve the issue.

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