Scosche boomCAN BT targets those who are on the move always


boomcan-btIt does seem as though the world of Bluetooth speakers have not quite reached the end just yet. And when I say “the end”, I mean that this particular niche peripheral still has some ways to go before folks turn away from it totally and it dies a slow death, like the humble netbook as well as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). In fact, the Bluetooth speaker industry seems to allude that everything is alive and kicking, and Scosche has proven that yet again with another release in the form of the boomCAN BT. The boomCAN BT’s outstanding point would be this – it is one of the most compact Bluetooth enabled speakers ever released by the company, but just like how one should never judge a book by its cover, the boomCAN BT might be small in stature, but it certainly packs enough build quality to be durable so that music enthusiasts are able to enjoy rich audio while they are the road, at the office, or enjoying an outdoor adventure.

Just in case you were wondering, how small is the boomCAN BT? It currently stands at slightly more than 2 inches tall, but this is a huge performer. It boasts of a 35mm up firing speaker which is capable of producing 360 degrees of loud and crisp sound. Pretty cool, huh?

Not only that, this unique portable Bluetooth powerhouse will feature a lithium ion battery that when fully charged, is capable of providing up to 2 hours of non-stop wireless playback from up to 30 feet away. Every single boomCAN BT will include a convenient travel pouch as well as charging cable that lets you rock it out while you’re one the move. In addition, there are plans to roll out the boomBARS bike mount for cyclists who want to attach the boomCAN BT to their handlebars. Interested parties can pick up the boomCAN in red, blue, white, and black shades for $29.99 a pop.

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