Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes – time to crack your brain!


inside3There are puzzle games, and then there are puzzle games. I would suppose that the £17.99 Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes would be part of the equation – in the latter segment, of course. There will be five different levels, which will follow in the ascending order, namely Easy, Mean, Awful, Vicious and Mortal. Some folks just hate puzzle games absolutely because they can prove to be nerve wracking when one’s brain is unable to churn out the relevant answer required to solve a particular issue. You will find the Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes to push your cerebral limits to its edge (Einsteins might be to differ), where the multi-storey mazes are made up of seven labyrinthian layers.

In fact, it has been touted that the Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes would make the classic Rubik’s cube pale in comparison to it where difficulty is concerned, as it resembles a child’s toy instead. With five different Inside³ Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes to choose from, alongside various difficult levels as mentioned earlier, you will be hard pressed to “beat the cube” in the shortest time possible. Individual cubes are made up of 7 labyrinthian layers that are extremely easy to get lost in, where these would combine to make up a mind-bending, multi-storey maze. Folks who are short on patience need not pick this puppy up.

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