The Only Swing Motion Heated Back Massager will hopefully get the job done

swing-heated-back-massagerDo you sometimes wonder whether the folks over at Hammacher tend to play it a whole lot more coy, and at times, direct? There are even moments when their naming convention raises an eyebrow or two, as we do not really know whether it can be substantiated or not. Case in point, the $169.95 Only Swing Motion Heated Back Massager. Seriously, is this the only version of its kind in the market? Well, it has been described as being the solitary heated back massager which will be able to deliver swing motion so that circulation is enhanced, which in turn would (hopefully) help relieve you of your stress.

In fact, the “swing over” technique has been described to be a common massage therapy to end a session, where it involves a lighter-pressure, right or left diagonal movement which will allegedly improve circulation after a vigorous deep-tissue massage. This particular device sports a quartet of massage heads that will deliver gentle Shiatsu and vigorous rolling massage for the lower, upper, or full back, as it moves vertically up and down, in addition to the swing massage setting moving the rollers side-to-side as they travel up and down the back. The heads themselves will feature an integrated heating element each, while you control the speed of the motors via a tethered remote.