The Super Saver Soap Shaver – waste not, want not

Super Saver Soap Shaver
In this world, there are two types of soap. There is bar form that seems to last for a thousand years, and liquid soap which you find yourself buying more and more of all the time. If your preference is for the more stable form, then you know of the problems that come with it. Letting it sit in a bowl so it doesn’t slide around your tub or sink will leave it slimy or adhered to the container.

Not only that, but holding it still without it popping out of your grasp now and again is also a chore. The Super Saver Soap Shaver is hoping to make bar-form soap lovers lives far easier, with a rather simple idea. This body is made from an aircraft grade aluminum, while the blade is stainless steel. Using double sided tape and screws, you can mount this above your sink or just outside the shower for easy access.

It is a bit more manual labor to shear through the soap when pressing the handle, but for those who prefer this type of soap, it would certainly be worth it. The body can come in a variety of different colors, and they only cost $20. This will also keep germs off of the bar so you don’t have to wonder who touched it before you. In addition to carefully maintaining your bar soap, this has a space behind it for shampoo or towels to keep your bathroom tidy. It’s an idea that is simple, clean, and money saving, though the financial difference might not be noticeable for a while.

Available for purchase on soapshaver, found via thisiswhyimbroke