EmoSpark is a robot that just wants to be your friend


It’s nice to have someone to talk to. However, there are times where you just want to vent, and no matter the amount of friends you have, it doesn’t feel right complaining about your own burdens. If you don’t want to go to therapy or yap at your pet for hours, then why not get a robot? It may seem silly, but what if that robot was also capable of being able to talk back to you with meaningful advice to give?

The EmoSpark is an artificial intelligence console that only wants to make you happy. That’s right folks, this is the companion cube coming to reality. This cube is capable of offering up suggestions of videos, music, and more, all in the attempts to cheer you up. While it won’t know much about you at first, the more it learns, the more intelligent it will become. Ultimately, this will become your ideal best friend, always cheering you on in life.

You’ll be able to access this through your myriad of smart devices, and you can ask EmoSpark about pretty much anything, as it pulls from a 39 million topics through Freebase and Google’s vast pools of information. This is also capable of having its own emotions, that stem from the emotions humans know best: joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation . This will cost you around $299 should you be interested, and has the option to interact with other robots as well. Say goodbye to the world as we know it, and hello to our new robot overlords.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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