Giant Display Atomic Wall Clock ensures you know what time it is always


giant-atomic-clockWhen it comes to telling the time, most of us would rely on our respective smartphones to get the job done at a single glance, although there will be some of us out there who prefer the good old fashioned way of a regular clock. The thing about clocks is this – some of them might actually feature some boring design that you could end up overlooking the time itself, so why not embrace the future with the $129.95 Giant Display Atomic Wall Clock?

This is a unique wall clock which is not only oversized by itself, it is also capable of maintaining its unerring accuracy from the radio clock transmitter in Fort Collins, Colorado. The digital display itself would rely on 4.5” high numbers, which would ensure that you can easily tell the time even from up to a whopping 30′ away. Not only that, there will be 2” high numbers located right below the time, where the display would tell of the date, day, indoor and outdoor temperature. In addition, there will be a wireless outdoor thermometer which communicates with the clock from up to 330′ away, where it delivers a range of -4° F to 122° F. Fret not about Daylight Saving Time, it will be adjusted automatically, and you will be able to enjoy accurate time across the entire lower 48 United States.

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