The Fly6 cycling accessory has your back on the road


FLy 6
Riding a bicycle from place to place is wonderful for your health and the environment. Sure the weather can be a nuisance sometimes, and it does take a bit longer to get from point A to B, but that can be easily dealt with. However, drivers attempting to edge you off the road, throw things at you, or trying to knock you off balance is not so simple to live with.

While you can’t stop humans from being idiots at times, you can record them and let an authority figure dole out some consequences. The Fly6 will allow you to not only film any tom-foolery that may go down, but also act as a light for the back of your bike. It uses some very bright red LEDs, that will indicate that it is filming when it’s on. Depending on what capacity of SD card you use, you can capture anywhere from 2-8 hours of footage.

This isn’t waterproof, but it can withstand a little moisture. Its recording capabilities will give you decent audio, and 720p video. That way no one can dispute that you might have said something to provoke the driver. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery which will run for about five hours, and can only attach to the seat post of your bike. Getting one of these during its crowdfunding campaign days will cost you around $115 or more.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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