Touch Point Stylus can lend a helping hand in any situation


Touch point Stylus
Having a stylus is grand. You don’t get smudgy fingerprints all over the screen of your phone or tablet, and it’s far easier to write with. There are several hundred thousand different types of them though, with variation from fine-point tips to different shapes and colors. Some options are even multifunctional, with an ink pen or flashlight on the other end.

However, using this excellent utensil only works when it’s ready at hand. If you don’t have a case for your phone or tablet that has a corresponding spot for your stylus, it often is placed into a side pocket of your pants or bag. This usually results in us using our phalanges as a backup, thus negating the need for a stylus in the first place. The Touch Point Stylus will make sure that whatever situation you face, you won’t be without a stylus.

This functions in the same way that eraser toppers do. It’s made of silicone, and is in the shape of a cartoon-styled glove. It can fit atop any sort of pen, pencil, wooden spoon, and more. The end is a bit rotund, but will be as precise as using your pinkie finger would be. This will only cost you $8, and the main problem you may come across is losing it as it’s not very big. You’ll also want to be careful that this too isn’t shoved into a side pocket to be forgotten about.

Available for purchase on, found via redferret

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