LED Fireworks Grand Finale – all the fun, minus the fire risk

led-fireworksSome countries such as the city state of Singapore in South East Asia has banned the playing of fireworks by the public, although this does not mean that there will be no fireworks show in Singapore, although the ones that you see will be sanctioned by the government. I suppose if folks living in countries like that, the $39.95 LED Fireworks Grand Finale might be the ideal purchase for those who would love to enjoy some fancy fireworks – minus the risk of any fire, of course.

The LED Fireworks Grand Finale happens to be a kit that offers young showmasters all that they require to safely put on dazzling choreographed indoor LED fireworks displays. It results in whirling green phosphorus-like sprays, needle-like orange rays of flame, and globular melanges of red, blue, and orange that is guaranteed to wow the crowd, and there will also be five decorated paper fireworks cones with battery-powered LED nodes which produce various colored light patterns when “fired.” A wireless master control box “live” mode would let each cone to be fired individually, or you can always opt to have all five of it fired simultaneously. Just make sure the half dozen AA batteries that run the LED Fireworks Grand Finale are fully juiced up beforehand.