The Humidifying Tower will help you breathe easy


The humidifying Tower
Even though there’s plenty of frozen water hanging around in its various forms thanks to winter, it’s hard not to ‘dry out’. Our knuckles and lips crack, and it’s difficult not to wake up with a dry mouth. You can keep a full glass of water on your bedside table and a lotion in your bag, but neither will change the amount of moisture in the air.

Many humidifiers that aren’t meant for just your desktop are often bulky and visually jarring. If you enjoy having things look neat, tidy, and streamlined, then these options just will not do. The Humidifying Tower wants to take up the least amount of space possible, while putting your preferred amount of moisture into a room. It can handle anything up to 650 square feet, and has three fan settings for you to choose from.

While most tanks are rather small, this one is capable of holding 91 ounces, which means it can run for up to 20 hours without needing more water. The mist it shoots out is cold, but the design has made it so that you won’t see any vents or spouts. It stands around 24 inches tall, and only has a 5” diameter footprint. Although it is ideally going to be placed in an open space in the room, this is small enough to fit into a tiny nook or hide behind another piece of furniture. This will cost you around $300 if you’re interested, although, if you can manage to deal with losing aesthetic value, there are many cheaper options that will allow you to get the same result.

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