Pay To Snooze Alarm Clock – Wasted time sleeping will cost you a pretty penny


Pay to Snooze Alarm Clock
It’s very difficult to pull ourselves out of bed in the morning. The allure of an extra five minutes of sleep is often too overwhelming. Sadly, that brief respite often turns into a thirty minute ordeal in which we wake in a panic and go careening to the front door. While the loud sounds of an alarm can sometimes boost you out of bed, you become used to its sound after a while, and need a little more motivation to get you up and at ’em.

While you could put your alarm clock on the dresser and try to make yourself get up to turn it off, there are other ways to propel you out of bed faster. The Pay to Snooze Alarm Clock will help you to get up, or make you pay up. The only way you can get in those precious extra minutes of sleep is by putting money in the clock. Keep in mind, this is the case for both the snooze and to shut off the alarm clock, but it’s not as if the money is going to disappear once you put it in.

This would be a great way to save up your spare change for a treat down the road. It will also make sure you’re on top of your game in the mornings, as there is some level of prior planning involved for this to work. You will need two AA batteries to get this to function, and it has an LCD display to show you the time. If this sounds like the right morning method of waking up for you, be prepared to pay $42 for this alarm clock.

Available for purchase on perpetualkid, found via foolishgadgets

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